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tisdag 30 maj 2017

Most Scots would prefer Independence before the Brexit

Most Scots would prefer Independence before the Brexit
- A poll done with Google Surveys has shown the Brexit only enflamed the desires and increased possibility of a Scottish independence and most voters would like to see it happened before the Brexit takes full effect. The General Election taking place in June 8 will be a decisive day.
The alternative of not doing it now would be to face a right-wing government from Tory with new ground rules. The window of opportunity will never be better as of now, right between the Brexit movements from EU is still fresh and fuels the Scottish own.
General elections will be held this June 8, a key date were polls indicate the Brexit will have a strong effect on voters decision.
Nicola Sturgeon looks stronger than ever thanks to the Brexit. On 2015 the SNP party secured 50% of the votes, but now it could way higher than that thanks to regained hopes from independence. Although voters are not that exited for another referendum any time soon.